суббота, апреля 15, 2006

One Dutchman more in Moscow.

(Moscow.) Except Dutch media-magnate Derk Sauer, in Moscow come in Mr.Guus Hiddink - PSV Eindhoven and Australian national soccer team coach . The next Dutchman, Hiddink has signed a contract to coach Russia's national soccer team for the next two years, the Russian soccer federation announced on Friday. So, Russia will spend few millions greens for the football cock-suckers but anyway, Germans will winners. A good for the Netherlands - take a money and fuck Germans. A bad for us...losers again. During press-conference even Dutch magnate Derk Sauer worked as a journalist. I think, just looking for the next job in Russia...because he already had sold out of media-business in Russia. Well, during Yeltsin's time it was important Media, now it's just stupid football, like 40 years ago. So, everything give back in our country now, just Dutchmen above suspicion.