суббота, апреля 01, 2006

In love with football

(Moscow, Russia, nothing to do..)
I hate football in all of its professional manifestations. When fellow drinkers with rabbit's eyes stare at the TV or shout 'Ole-ole-ole'.. That's when I drink alcohol and smoke quietly.

I hate it when journalist friends thoughtfully call football politics or even a peace messenger. That's when I don't read their stories.

I hate football fans with painted faces and dumb slogans. That's when I close my eyes and shut my ears.

But when I see children truthfully in love with football, that's where a whole range of sincere and positive emotions wakes up in me. It seems astonishing in our time of dubious justice and moral degradation. This is football in its pure sense, the one that awakens craving for game and sincerity in love.